Take In The View (Clinkerfield’s latest EP) is currently available from these locations:


The Web: click HERE to buy direct from Missing Link website.


Melbourne: Basement Discs, Missing Link, Greville Records, International Trash, Polyester Records, Last Record Store & Cumbersome Records.


Sydney: Pony Records @ Troy Horse.


See the CONTACT page for details and weblinks of where these stores are located. Alternatively, you can order one through us via email and we'll post one out to ye.


If you'd like to subsribe to Clinkerfield's mailing list, click right HERE.




You can catch Jimmy continuing his residency at the Rainbow Hotel every Tuesday night for the rest of the year. There’s a different special guest each week (see gigs page for details), not to mention the exquisite talents of W. Dunn (a new addition to the Clinkerfield fracas!!!) and M. Quinn accompanying as their various work and alcohol rehabilitation schedules permit…


The only band show we’ll be doing for the rest of the year (pending Xmas and NYE tomfoolery) will be at the Tote Hotel on Friday 8th December supporting the delectable Black Pony Express for the launch of their wonderful new album. Check out some of their stuff here.




You can pick up a copy of a new home-spun CD at Jimmy’s solo gigs. It features 16 mostly home-recorded songs that may or may not feature on future Clinkerfield releases. It’s called “Rough & Hardly Ready”.


And we’ve just dug out a live recording we did in December of 2005 at Cumbersome Records. It’s a session of around 12 songs we played one after the other, no stops, completely live, on a Sunday arvo. We’re currently figuring out if it has any redeeming qualities whatsoever, mixing it, and possibly thinking about releasing it for fun! To learn how to bleach your anus check some great natural products online.


Check on the audio page for some brand new mp3’s of demo songs being worked on for our next release…
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